No longer does sailing demand most of your time, half your money and all of your upper body strength. From its head-turning design to its hands-free controls, WindRider has made sailing simple, affordable and attainable to anyone who wants to ride the wind.
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Ride In Comfort
It's been called "armchair" sailing. By removing the tiller in favor of intuitive foot pedal steering (press right to turn right, left to turn left), you face forward in a comfortable seat with a backrest, protected by the hull and with your hands free to control the single sheet, take pictures, enjoy a beverage - all at the same time! There is no hiking out or scampering back and forth across the deck. With no confusing tangle of ropes, tiller or mass of marine hardware requiring your constant attention, you are free to concentrate on the scenery, your companion or nothing at all. Simplicity is bliss.

Ride In Safety
Look at the wide beam and sealed outriggers. Shy of using plastic explosives or a hurricane, you're not going to capsize or sink this boat. That's comforting knowledge for novices who want to develop skills, and for experts who want to test theirs. Slender hulls slice through the water and reduce hobby-horsing in the chop. Note, too, that the boom height allows for safe, effortless jibes. No more brain damage; at least not from the boom. The rugged polyethylene construction stands up to encounters with coral, docks, pilings and buoys that would shatter fiberglass. If there's a safer sailboat, it's one that never leaves the showroom. x

Ride With Ease
With a friend you can set up the boats in 10 minutes. The friendless can do it in 20. The boats trailer easily, and the smaller models can be car-topped. All of which means you can sail on an impulse - after work, after dinner, whenever you get the urge because there are none of the hassles associated with bigger boats or complicated catamarans. What's more, maintenance amounts to an occasional blast from a garden hose and our bulletproof lifetime warranty protects your investment for as long as you own your boat. Pardon the lame pun, but owning a WindRider is a breeze.

Ride With Friends
WindRiders are so unique, so captivating that they draw attention everywhere they go. Prepare to face a crowd of curious ride-moochers wherever you beach your boat. Another aspect unique to WindRider is the tight-knit community that has sprung up around them. WindRider owners routinely socialize on Internet chat rooms. Many of them gather for sailing events and regattas around the country. Additionally, with manufacturer and dealer support that puts the rest of the boating industry to shame, you become a valued family member; one whose voice counts. Buy a boat, gain a family. Pretty good deal.

Ride the Ragged Edge
Beneath the calming, reassuring design beats the heart of a sprinter. You can nudge these boats into exciting performance whenever you're ready. It doesn't take much air to drive the hulls, and moderate to stiff breezes can produce exhilarating speeds. Many beach cat sailors are chagrined to see WindRider keeping pace. And for those who'd like to see jet skiers wet themselves and power boaters shake their heads in awe, the 30 mph-plus WindRider Rave will make your day.

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